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e360 Design have provided our service to several premium clients


Welcome to e360 Design, where excellence meets innovation in Commercial Design. With a proven track record of serving several premium clients, we take pride in our ability to deliver exceptional design solutions that elevate commercial spaces through bespoke design. 


At e360 Design, we understand the unique demands of commercial projects, and our team of experts are dedicated to creating inspiring and functional environments tailored to your specific needs. Specialising in boutique accomodation, resort, spa and wellnes centres, our designs are crafted to leave a lasting impact on both your business and its guests.

Our portfolio boasts an impressive array of successful projects, showcasing creativity and attention to detail. With an extensive understanding of the latest industry trends and cutting-edge technologies, we ensure that your commercial space remains on the forefront of design innovation.

Curated Art Collections


Commissioning a bespoke art collection provides a one-of-a-kind signature statement to your commercial project. When your art collection is specifically customised exclusivity is ensured. 

Signature designs allows individual stories to be told through practical art & design applications and offer unique branding opportunities. 


Commercial Projects:

Cedar Creek Lodges

Tamborine Mountain

Cedar Creek Lodges engaged  the comprehensive design services of e360 Design to enhance their on-site accommodation.

We created a custom range of homewares, including artwork, textiles, and soft furnishings, tailored to reflect the unique setting of Cedar Creek and its natural rainforest environment.

By incorporating elements that reflect the natural surroundings and the serene rainforest environment, the suites provide a nature-orientated retreat, ideal for visitors looking to connect with nature and enjoy a tranquil stay. 

Boutique Accommodation

Our origin and core strengh is our ability to narrate your unique story through the principles of design. We provide a holistic design service uniquely customized for each client, offering exclusive and cost-effective creative solutions.


We bring your distinctive narrative to life through art, wallpaper, lighting, furniture, and an extensive collection of textiles, all designed in-house.


Our expertise lies in crafting resilient materials that withstand harsh, humid, salt-laden, and exposed conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.


Eden Retreat Merchandising

Partnering with Eden Retreat we crafted a one-of-a-kind merchandise range that complements the rejuvenating ambiance of this tranquil sanctuary. Our focus was on creating custom yoga mats and towels that reflect the retreat's distinctive identity.


We create custom branding elements that resonate with your brand's identity. We take into consideration your brand's personality and values, making sure that the designs we create are a perfect fit.


Our design service covers a wide range of merchandise, We adapt our designs to suit the medium and purpose of the merchandise, ensuring a seamless and consistent look.


By choosing our design service, you're investing in more than just a graphic design. You're investing in a unique and captivating identity that will set your merchandise apart in a crowded market.



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